Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Second wave ~ June 30, 2007

Another hot day, another phase in our management scheme! Robin Reilly brought down a truck-load of stones from Luzenac America in Ludlow, and I brought a roll of landscape tarp from nearby Skyline Nursery. After photographing and evaluating the site, we decided the previous wave's hard work had some noticeable results. The stalk count was down to an estimated 25 per 3-foot-square plot, and the stems were not fully-grown back. Less than five feet tall, many were much spindlier than the first cut.

We cut what was there and also laid out tarp over a 45' x 12' area along the western edge of the site.

To cap off the afternoon, Jesse arrived and waded into the site to pull up poison ivy for us! He swears he is almost immune to the stuff and, although he did get a nasty rash in some spots, his efforts were a huge help.

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