Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back to school ~ JK wind-up next month

I start this weekend, back to school. I'm finishing up my Bachelor's Degree (yes, and working full-time) at Vermont College/Union Institute & University. This semester, I am taking advantage of their online option called Virtual Vermont. I've passed my Natural Sciences CLEP test, so that leaves me with three more semesters to go, plus one "leftover" or "dangling" credit.


I heartily recommend this program for adult learners wishing a flexible but challenging way to earn their degree -- flexible in terms of schedule in many ways, but challenging in that you need to determine your own course of study and discipline yourself to do the work. It's a full 15 credits per semester, so there's no slacking off allowed.

I expect the Japanese knotweed site to slow down in mid-September, when all the nearby JK is experiencing leaf-fall (or senescence). Over the winter, I will be planning some brain-storming sessions for anyone interested to offer suggestions and ideas for managing the site (planting, volunteer scheduling, potential partners, etc.). Please e-mail me if you are interested in any part of this: blackrivercleanup@yahoo.com

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