Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ruminations and cogitations

I recently posted about pursuing my own passion in lieu of sleep...then I happened upon The Bamboo Project's blog which gave me even more clarity: Michele Martin promotes being passionate about one's work and not so much about the organization one is working for. Much as I LOVE being a BRAT, this is the crux of the thing -- my love of the BRAT comes from my love of the river. It means that I'm committed to certain principles and ideals, regardless of the organization. I really take pride in cleaning up the river, organizing events to celebrate the river, and learning about it. I hope it is that passion that is contagious, drawing volunteers together for a common cause.

The Bamboo Project: http://michelemartin.typepad.com/thebambooprojectblog/ (That looks suspiciously like a stalk of -- *gasp!* -- Japanese knotweed!!!!! Just kidding.)

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